About Us

Meet other families of multiples in the Southampton area

If you have twins, triplets or more, and you live in or near Southampton, you will find lots of new friends at Southampton Twins and Supertwins Club!

Our club aims to give families with multiples a place to meet, some great activities and affordable family events – and most importantly, a support network of people who are experiencing the same challenges.

Having multiples is very special, but can also be very difficult at times. Meeting other families that have got through the hard bits, and enjoyed the good bits, can really help. At Southampton Twins and Supertwins Club, you’ll get tips, encouragement, a selling page for all that stuff you suddenly need when multiples arrive in the family… and a lot of fun for your family, with new friends in the same boat.

How the club works

The club has around 60 members, who mostly live in Southampton, Eastleigh and Chandler’s Ford, with a few from areas such as Hedge End, Fareham and the New Forest. Some attend our weekly club stay and play sessions, while others are just in it for the parties and special events! Find out more about membership.

There is also a wider community of around 500 local parents of multiples on the club’s Facebook page, where people swap advice, share pictures and generally enjoy chatting about multiples! We have a selling page on Facebook as well which is very popular.

The club is run by a committee of 10 volunteers, who all have twins or triplets of pre-school age. The committee meets monthly to organise events, and manage the running of the weekly club play sessions and the Facebook group.