Join our Facebook community

Hundreds of parents in the Southampton area use our Facebook group to chat and share advice. It’s a lively, supportive community which receives several new requests to join every week.

Applications to join, and moderation of the group’s content, are managed by a committee of volunteers who run both the main club and the Facebook group.


Who can join the Facebook group?

Our Facebook group is for parents and guardians who have (or are expecting) multiples, and who live in the Southampton area. We do accept people from neighbouring districts.


How do I join?

If you are a member of Facebook, you can ask to join our group. A member of the committee will send you a message (as they will not be one of your existing Facebook ‘friends’ you may need to check in your ‘others’ folder). This message will ask for evidence that you live in the Southampton area and are a parent or guardian of multiples. Please don’t be offended. We do receive applications from people who turn out not to have multiples and whose motives are unclear – so we have to be careful.

If you know any parents who are already in the group, they can vouch for you instead of you having to find evidence.

There is also a selling page for pre-loved goods and an information page.


What about friends and relatives joining?

The Facebook group is not generally open to friends or relatives of people with multiples. The group provides parents with a safe place to discuss sensitive personal issues, knowing they are sharing only with other parents.

However, parents who are in the group can request that another regular carer of their children, for example a grandparent or nanny, is permitted to join.


Do I have to join the main club to become a member of the Facebook page?

No – although we always encourage people to support the club by becoming full members. Full membership of Southampton Twins and Supertwins Club costs £10 per year and provides a range of benefits. The club is a registered charity that provides events, regular play sessions and other resources for its members. It relies on membership fees and donations to continue.

However, the club recognises the value of its Facebook group to the wider community of multiple parents, and does allow people to use the Facebook group even if they do not join and support the main club.


Guidelines for posting on the Facebook group

  • Remember that the group is large and diverse. Try to avoid offending people – we remove posts that are upsetting other members.
  • If you wish to advertise items for sale, or promote a business, you can do this through our selling page. Posts selling or advertising on the main page will be removed.
  • The rules of the selling page are posted clearly on that page. Only members of the main page may join the selling page.
  • Enjoy… it’s a funny, friendly group and we hope you will have fun sharing your highs and lows with us.