Breastfeeding Twins

Emma – mum to 5yo singleton boy and 2 yo twins (boy/girl)

First of all, let me assure you that breastfeeding twins is completely possible, however it does require dedication especially in the first 4-6months. It really takes this long for any babies, singletons, twins +more to get feeding established into a bit more of a routine. Not gonna lie, it can seem at times, in those first months, that the babies are never off your breasts. They cluster feed constantly and if you manage to get off the sofa between the hours of 1800-2200 it’s a miracle! It may make you feel that you are not producing enough milk (and well meaning others may tell you that), but it’s unlikely to be the case. That being said, if you get sore, tired, “touched out” and you want to give them a bottle of formula then it’s perfectly ok, don’t feel bad/guilty and don’t worry, its unlikely a bottle here and there will affect supply.

After birth, babies can be very sleepy and hard to rouse, they may fall asleep seconds into feeding and therefore lose a lot of weight, the midwives/nurses may encourage you to combination feed or start you on a feeding/pumping/supplementing schedule until your milk comes in (can take several days after birth) and/or the babies are starting to gain weight again, try not to let this dishearten you and if you need to supplement with formula then do, it doesn’t have to be forever, unless you want it to.

You can feed both babies at the same time or separately, that’s completely personal preference, but if you’re wanting to tandem feed; a twin feeding pillow is a life saver, it allows you to have both hands free, so make sure you have tea/coffee/remote control/phone/book to hand before you start!

There are numerous multiple breastfeeding support groups available on Facebook, joining them can really help with advice and tips from establishing feeding, breastfeeding babies in NICU, pumping to weaning.

Happy to be contacted through the Southampton Twin Club for further discussions