Meeting Other Twin Mums

Anonymous contributor

I found out about twin club through the hospital when I was pregnant. When my twins were 4 weeks old I ventured out to twins club for the first time. Just me and them, we’d been awake since 5am yet still arrived 30 minutes after club started because well, you know! All concept of time was out the window! I was nervous about going out alone with them, how would I cope with 2 feeds, 2 dirty nappies, 2 screaming babies etc in a room full of strangers when I still felt I didn’t have a clue what I was doing!

I shouldn’t have worried, from the minute I arrived I was welcomed by like-minded parents of multiples who couldn’t do enough to help and I sat myself down with a group of Mums with similar age twins who would go on to be a great source of friendship, advice and comfort over the coming months.

I had other Mummy friends’ but the Twin Mums were different, it felt good to be with people who really understood. Hot drinks, biscuits, older multiples that you could look to and see your next stage, next challenges and ask for advice and ideas! We went to twin club every week until I had to go back to work and we still met up whenever we could after that. My twins are 6 years old now and we don’t see each other anymore due to work and school and busy lives but I’ll always be thankful to those other twin Mums and we’ll always stay in touch.

If you’re not sure about going along to twin club then take your partner, take your Mum, take a friend but do go, it will so be worth it!