Premature Birth

Jane – mum to 7yo singleton girl and 2yo identical twin boys

After a challenging pregnancy, we had been told to expect a planned section at 32 weeks and I had planned to start my maternity leave at 30 weeks to give me time to rest and prepare.

A week before Christmas 2015 and when I was 27+5 weeks, I started bleeding and was rushed to Winchester hospital to be checked. Within minutes of arriving, I was attached to the monitor to confirm the boys were ok, a portable ultrasound was used to double check and then came the blood transfusions, the steroids injections (for lung development) and magnesium sulphate injection (for brain development). The medical team around me took very good care of me and I was admitted to the ante-natal ward which was to become my home for the next fortnight whilst I continued the unexplainable bleeding.

At 29+3 weeks, I had been experiencing what I had assumed were Braxton hicks for 24 hours when I felt the need to ask a midwife for paracetamol for my hip pain. She immediately escorted me back to my room to give me a “quick check” to discover I was 8cm dilated and as my mum unexpectedly walked in the room to find me mid-contraction and the midwife running out in a panic!

I was taken to labour ward and given more magnesium sulphate (it really is pretty horrible) whilst my mum rang my partner to get him to the hospital immediately. She gowned up to accompany me to theatre (neither of us were really keen on this option but she couldn’t see me go through this alone) and in the nick of time my partner made it into the room as the spinal block was being administered. I’ve never seen my mum leave a room so fast but it was just in time as a few minutes later the procedure started and baby A was delivered. 3 minutes later baby B was delivered. It happened so fast but the team were calm, professional and the Paediatrician’s even pushed the boys close to me so I could say hello before they were taken to NICU.

I was well taken care of and after a few hours of recovery, I was taken to NICU to see our boys properly for the first time. That was truly special even though we couldn’t hold or touch them yet.

Happy to be contacted through the Southampton Twin Club for further discussions