Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome

Jane – mum to 7yo singleton girl and 2yo identical twin boys

Finding out we were having twins at the 12-week scan was scary but finding out at the same time there was potentially something wrong with the babies was traumatic.

We were scanned initially at Winchester hospital and they referred us immediately to Southampton at 14 weeks the diagnosis of TTTS was confirmed. My partner and I made a pact that we would not do any internet research and that we would rely on the medical professionals to tell us what we needed to know and to ask questions as and when needed. My parents unfortunately didn’t heed this advice and when my mum rang me freaking out, I politely declined to discuss their research and said that I wasn’t look for statistics or negativity.

At 16 weeks we went up to St George’s hospital to be seen by the Fetal Medicine experts and they could not have been more reassuring or supportive; in fact, every doctor, sonographer and midwife we saw was brilliant. They took one look (whilst scanning me in front of what felt like 20 people with all the visiting Fellows, trainees and assorted people in the room) and confirmed that it wasn’t as bad as we had been warned but that we would need laser surgery the following week.

At 17 weeks we had the laser surgery which was surreal, it felt like being on a medical TV programme, but the theatre team were amazing and talked both my partner and I through everything they were doing. Seeing our boys up close and personal whilst they were still inside me was strange, bizarre, fascinating – such a range of emotions and when we left the theatre, I gladly took the opportunity to sleep (the night before funnily enough, hadn’t been very restful!)

From the moment the scan afterwards confirmed that the procedure had worked, and we transferred back through Southampton and finally to Winchester, I could finally start to feel the joy of being pregnant with twins and could start to tell people that we were going to join the multiples clan!

The positive I took from this experience was that it taught me to live in the moment and to not worry about things you can’t control. Every day was a blessing that I was still pregnant, and they were still growing. Trust in your medical professionals and if you feel at any time that you are unsure, confused or unhappy, stop the process and ask more questions.

Happy to be contacted through the Southampton Twin Club for further discussions